A bit of my novel

Happy Leap Day! How nice to get an extra day in the year. I’m using mine to be utterly corny and take a leap — here are a few paragraphs from my novel. I was too dumbstruck by the skaters to notice who they were right away. But, squinting more closely at the bigger, broader skater, I saw Viv was right. “It is Jim Dietz!” I whispered back, surprised. Jim Dietz had been the equivalent of a heavy metal power ballad at our school, semi-famous for his maroon Camaro and a lethal combination of bad temper and good looks. Viv

My Summer To-Do List

I was so inspired by Gala Darling’s To-Do list for the summer that i had to pull together my own! Time to get out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, the leisurely longer days, the glorious glowing sunsets! I do love the stark beauty and coziness of winter, but I’m ready for something new. Here are my hopes and dreams for the season…what are some of yours? LEARN THE NAMES OF ALL THE TREES AROUND ME I had a beau once who could identify the types of trees in his leafy Brooklyn neighborhood. I always admired this trait, this connection to