Getting a MFA: Yay or Nay, Pro Vs. Con, Yes or No

Lately I get a lot of Google search hits to this post about getting their master’s in film: “Should I get a MFA in film” or “graduate film school yes or no” or whatever. That post reckons more with being post-MFA, so I decided to be useful for once and write this instead. If you have arrived here looking for a perspective on this question, well, this post is for you. And those who aren’t ever going to get an MFA in filmmaking, I hope you enjoy this little window into a rollicking, rambunctious, rock ‘n roll time of my

I Made a Short Film About Love Awhile Ago and Here It Is

My short film “Phoebe, 2:13AM” is now playing up at Culture Unplugged. I can’t embed the Flash file below, but you can watch it here. This is the synopsis I wrote years ago; it still fits fairly well: After a night out with friends, Phoebe leaves her friends early for a rendezvous with her elusive boyfriend at his apartment late at night. Thinking only of love, she stumbles upon much more complicated emotional terrain and discovers the limits of passion and romance. It’s weird to watch this film I made awhile ago; it almost feels like the work of a

On spring cleaning of a different kind

I had a strange dream last night. I tell you this because I know a lot of people hate reading about dreams. If you do, you can just skip to the end, but it won’t make much sense. +++ In my dream, I was making a movie, which is something that I haven’t done in awhile. The movie was this: I would bring my camera to a significant room in my life, either set up a tripod or have someone hold the camera, and then I’d film myself standing in the center of the room, spinning. As I spun, I

This Week’s Reading: Julian Assange/WikiLeaks, Netflix, Sofia Coppola, Miwa Matreyek

I am trying to be a bit more selective and thoughtful about the glut of web content and articles that I used to inhale. So I’m going to try to keep up a list of selected, particularly interesting online reading that I’m doing, complete with some commentary and thought that it inspired in me. This week: No Secrets: Julian Assange‚Äôs mission for total transparency (The New Yorker) A great article that gives an interesting, human sense of WikiLeaks and the man who essentially ran it. Quelle character, as they say, but what I liked about the piece was how it