My Selfies, My Selves

Sometimes in my head I say, “There are two kinds of people: there are people who take selfies, and people who don’t.” I try this statement on, but deep down I don’t think it’s true. Or maybe I do, kind of. This lame dichotomy does expose, though, some innate judgment or rancor against the practice of taking selfies. (Selfie-ing?) To take a selfie, on some level, is to be fascinated by the self. Too fascinated with the self, though, and you’re a narcissist, shallow, annoying. Yes? No? Of course, back in the day, they were just self-portraits. But when did

When You’re High on Benadryl, Even Calvin Klein Perfume Commercials Make Sense

I spent much of last week in a drift of medication: an antibiotic, then an antihistamine I had to take after I developed a horrid allergy to the antibiotic and then Benadryl. It was the hottest week of the summer and I didn’t leave my apartment for much of it, except at night when it had cooled down and no one would notice my horrifically disfigured legs, covered as they were with raw, angry hives that looked like blisters from third-degree burns. I couldn’t do very much. I was either itchy as hell or stoned out of my mind on

Like Ghosts, Underwater

Sometimes you see images and they feel like your dreams. There is an instant psychic recognition, like subterranean harmonies coming to surface in your waking life. Something of your nighttime landscape echoes in the daylit world, and the convergence feels like discovering continents within yourself and out in the world. It feels honestly like magic. That’s how I felt the moment I laid eyes on Erin Mulvehill’s photographs. Sadly, I don’t remember where I stumbled across them or how — too many travels on the Internet will blur the routes behind you. But I immediately fell in love with her

On a Sense of Occasion

This past weekend, my sister and I took our six-year-old niece to see “The Nutcracker” at our local theatre, a lovely, ornate building rich in warm golden light, beautifully carved wood trims and sparkling light fixtures. It was an all-around beautiful occasion on so many levels — a charming ballet with spritely dancing and gorgeous costumes, a cultural event in a gorgeous setting and a fun family occasion for niece-auntie bonding. (You know how into being an aunt I am.) It was worth it just to hear my niece gasp, “Oh my god, it’s so bee-yoo-tee-full!” when the curtain went