Chilled-Out August Time

Sometimes you want to write something with deep personal insight and wisdom. But sometimes you just want to record life with its sensations, memories, sounds, scents and sights. This post is really more like the latter, a kind of scrapbook entry: life, things I’m doing, a little of what I’m thinking. Perfect laidback August vibes, mellow and chill… So the big news in life (besides being my baby’s mama) is that I got a bike! My sweetheart got me one for my birthday, and it’s a beauty. I love it so much.     I ride it downtown to the coffee

Craft Beers, Sunshine & The Last Gasp of Summer

This past weekend I went to a local craft beer festival. It was, true to form, full of fancy-ass beers, sunshine, crazy-happy crowds — lots of beer will do that to you — and general good times. What’s more fun than wandering around downtown on a lovely summer afternoon in a sundress, sampling tons of beer by companies and breweries genuinely passionate about what they’re doing and more than happy to share? I really look forward to this event every year since it started: maybe it’s the “craft” aspect of the alcohol, but the meathead/frat guy contingent is pretty nil,

Not Quite Through the Woods Just Yet

Just when I thought everything was okay after a string of unfortunate incidents — a bee sting, an infection and other tumults — I just got hit with something new. I developed a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotic I was taking for my infected finger. “Severe” means a sudden fever, chills, painful hives all over and my throat and airways swelling up — really, really not good. Like, Whoa, I have to get myself to the ER, stat not good. And just when I thought everything was going to be okay! Sigh. I got a crazy shot to stop

Dog Days, Feline Nights and Weekend Roadtrips

One thing that’s been nice about my busted-up finger is that I’ve been forced to chill out and relax a bit. Which is sad, of course — that it takes me getting hurt for me to slow down and savor the summer, especially in its last gasps. I’m sure that I’ll look back on this summer as one of the strange turning points of my life, though being in the middle (muddle?) of it, I’m not exactly sure where it’s turning towards. Am I spinning out of my axis and into a whole new plain? Spinning my wheels? As I