“The bees are flying. They taste the spring.”

The title of this post is the last line in Sylvia Plath’s poem “Wintering.” It’s a rather dark poem, but the last line for me is always hopeful and optimistic — though, of course, it’s shadowed by Plath’s own biography and tragic end. Still, let’s go with it. After a rather long, dark, dismal wintering, the hive of life is coming back to life. Around here the snow has finally melted in my driveway, and I can see…dirty concrete! After months of pure snow and ice, I’ll take what I can get. I finally got to drag out my pots

What the Hawks Told Me

This weekend I went out to my favorite place in my hometown: my local arboretum. I went with my journal, a stack of books, some Sour Patch Kids for snacks, my hippie yearly planner and my regular weekly planner. It was a gorgeous day — early fall weather, with lots of golden sunshine mixed with a slight yet brisk wind. I wore a hoodie, jeans and Converse, and I hunkered down between some hawthorn trees on top of a large sarong/scarf I got ages ago on a beach in Thailand. I wasn’t just there to hang out and enjoy the

Sweetness Follows (A “Life in Pictures” Kind of Thing)

Moving into spring this year was a little difficult, because winter was so long and a spat of Daylight Savings-induced insomnia derailed me a little. But now I wake up in the mornings just as the light streams into my house, casting temporary paintings of light and shadows onto the walls. I like going outside in the morning, when the air is brisk and the light is clear. It’s refreshing — something about the snap of it clears out the head-down, shoulders-up huddle you develop during the cold winter. You look up and suddenly seem more alive to the odd

Hello, Autumn! And Some Equinox Thoughts

The equinox was on Saturday, ushering in the official change from summer to fall. Yay! Fall is my favorite season of the year — I love the cooler temperatures, the deep and melancholy colors, the way everything buzzes with a kind of purpose. I will always have that “back to school” urge to get new notebooks, new sweaters, new folders, new bag. I’m a lazy pagan in general: though I’m not one to light a candle and dance under the moon, I like to use the change in seasons and the rhythms of nature to reflect and contemplate and celebrate