On Life Vs. Blogging

I’ve been thinking lately about tempo, about the rhythm and pace of things and how some things don’t sync up. Bodies vs. minds, heart vs. head, that kind of thing. And lately, as a runner, I’ve been working on getting my speed up, and it’s going really well — I seriously feel great about running the fastest I’ve ever run in my life, especially as I slide down the dark side of my thirties. So the idea of speed and pace is a literal concern of mine a few times a week as a running nerd. But I’m thinking of

I’m Not a Next Big Thing, But I Play One on This Blog: Q&A On My Skater Werewolf Romance

I love an old-school Livejournal style meme, so I was pretty psyched when lovely mystery writer Kristi Belcamino tagged me to do this Next Big Thing Blog Hop one, where I get to answer a series of questions about the current novel/work-in-progress/book/creative thingie in my life. So it is, and here I am, and here is the story behind my skater werewolf romance. What is the working title of your book? While I was writing it, I called it THE WOODS in my head because everything exciting in the book took place in the strange, spooky forest in the small

A bit of my novel

Happy Leap Day! How nice to get an extra day in the year. I’m using mine to be utterly corny and take a leap — here are a few paragraphs from my novel. I was too dumbstruck by the skaters to notice who they were right away. But, squinting more closely at the bigger, broader skater, I saw Viv was right. “It is Jim Dietz!” I whispered back, surprised. Jim Dietz had been the equivalent of a heavy metal power ballad at our school, semi-famous for his maroon Camaro and a lethal combination of bad temper and good looks. Viv

On simplicity and technology

I write on technology for my day job now, and I am surrounded by it in my daily life. Many of my “tools” are technology: computer, iPod, cameras, microphones. And yet, on mornings when I am trying to update my iPod touch and shuffle files to and fro, clean out my inbox, reply to Twitter, keep up on Facebook and Tumblr, draft out blog posts for all the different avenues, I am thinking: this is too much. I want to write, and I want to write a lot. And deeply. And imaginatively. I want writing to be poetic and engaged