On luck, and how to make it

Once upon a time, I didn’t believe in luck. To be more precise: I believed in luck — I just felt other people were lucky. Me? All the great blessings in my life — whether in love, work, endeavor or just all things beautiful and free — came from my own ability to work hard, to scrap, to bob and weave like a prizefighter against what life threw at me. Part of this was some kind of weird internalized Yankee pride in having a solid work ethic, blah blah blah. I can make my own world! I am my own

A good weekend

It was a weekend full of dearest friends, marathon conversations, yummy dinners (chickpea tagine, still transitioning out of raw foods), fun with public art, perfume buying as a treat to myself for finishing the latest draft of my book (Tocca Cleopatra!), brunch at my favorite place to eat in Chicago (yummy omelet with chanterelles, blew the raw right open in this meal), many rounds of drinks at various bars around Logan Square (if anyone cares, the Owl was packed with very attractive people on a Saturday night) and a kind of mini-reunion with film school friends, where we Godarded out

january inventory: raw food, attitude hacks and the pursuit of kapow!

Can you believe it’s January? Thirty-one days into 2012! How was your first month of the year? ***** I got in the habit near the end of last year of giving myself an informal “theme” for a month. I don’t necessarily sit there and bestow upon myself a theme in any formal way. I sort of just check in, pay attention to what I’m craving and dreaming about, what images and sounds and feelings inspire me, what synchronicities are floating around. And then slowly a month-long intention emerges, an area I want to explore in different ways. This month, what