Prettiest Ghosts You’ve Ever Seen

I watched Dark Shadows recently. Not a great movie in general, but when Tim Burton makes such visual beauty, why quibble over such inconsequential details like a lame script and stilted dialogue? The fantastic thing about Dark Shadows‘ look, especially within the larger Burton milieu, is how he juxtaposed that kind of spectral Victoriana he does so well with an almost camp take on late 60s/early 70s nostalgia. And the soundtrack is pretty ace, too. The whole “vampire confounded by modern world” were the liveliest bits of the movie, but my favorite-looking parts was definitely the supernatural-y, ghostly stuff: haunted

I Really Enjoyed “Looper,” And Not Just Because of My Semi-Weird Crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Of course it was a given I’d go and see “Looper.” I’d developed kind of a persistent crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt since “Inception” — something about him floating around those rooms in a nice vest-and-tie combo really appealed to me. (I do love a guy who can wear a vest-and-tie combo.) He wears a tie nicely in “Looper,” but that’s only some of its ancillary pleasures. Because of the tons of commercials, I don’t really need to tell you that “Looper” is about time traveling contract killers, and that Joe (as I like to call him in my head) plays

On Chris Marker

Chris Marker made films that felt like dreams and reveries. He was French, and his work was probing, politically engaged, generous in spirit and often poetic. Most know of him tangentially: his short film “La Jetee,” a post-apocalyptic fever dream of a time travel film, was the springboard from which Terry Gilliam wrought 12 Monkeys. I first saw “La Jetee” in my Intro to Film class, and I will never forget the memory of its haunting, tortured black-and-white images: a disquieting procession of stills, sound and one exquisite moment of moving image that unfurled in the dark and invited you

I Made a Short Film About Love Awhile Ago and Here It Is

My short film “Phoebe, 2:13AM” is now playing up at Culture Unplugged. I can’t embed the Flash file below, but you can watch it here. This is the synopsis I wrote years ago; it still fits fairly well: After a night out with friends, Phoebe leaves her friends early for a rendezvous with her elusive boyfriend at his apartment late at night. Thinking only of love, she stumbles upon much more complicated emotional terrain and discovers the limits of passion and romance. It’s weird to watch this film I made awhile ago; it almost feels like the work of a