Turning a Blog into a Book: An Intro to My Project, and What I’m Learning So Far

High irony alert! Here I am, discussing my blog-to-book project, the story behind why the hell I did this in the first place and musing on the differences between books and blogs and how that affected the editing process…and I’m doing it in a video blog! (I’ve been writing a ton lately, and thought talking at a camera awkwardly would be a nice change of pace…kind of.) Anyway, if you want to hear what my book is called (lots of funny faces alert), how I decided to embark upon it (pay attention to your crazy whims!), and what I’ve learned

Libraries, A Love Story

As far as publishing/literary biz blogs go, I’m a fan of Nathan Bransford. He’s friendly, down-to-earth, accessible, knows his stuff, and manages to make what seems a discouraging, confusing business into something you feel you can tackle. So I was a bit surprised when I read his most recent entry, “What Role Should Libraries Have in an Electronic World?” and came across something that was like discovering your favorite teacher is a secret rabid Republican or your friendly co-worker likes to hunt cute little bunnies on the weekends. Bransford’s entry springboards off a recent comment by children’s author Terry Deary,