I’m Not a Next Big Thing, But I Play One on This Blog: Q&A On My Skater Werewolf Romance

I love an old-school Livejournal style meme, so I was pretty psyched when lovely mystery writer Kristi Belcamino tagged me to do this Next Big Thing Blog Hop one, where I get to answer a series of questions about the current novel/work-in-progress/book/creative thingie in my life. So it is, and here I am, and here is the story behind my skater werewolf romance. What is the working title of your book? While I was writing it, I called it THE WOODS in my head because everything exciting in the book took place in the strange, spooky forest in the small

A bit of my novel

Happy Leap Day! How nice to get an extra day in the year. I’m using mine to be utterly corny and take a leap — here are a few paragraphs from my novel. I was too dumbstruck by the skaters to notice who they were right away. But, squinting more closely at the bigger, broader skater, I saw Viv was right. “It is Jim Dietz!” I whispered back, surprised. Jim Dietz had been the equivalent of a heavy metal power ballad at our school, semi-famous for his maroon Camaro and a lethal combination of bad temper and good looks. Viv

Other Soundtracks for Novel Writing

These songs are for the skater-centric scenes in my book. In addition to the ones I mentioned over at today’s Snapshot at NOGOODFORME.COM: Guns N’ Roses, “Welcome to the Jungle.” It’s about the perfect time in my novel for Guns N’ Roses. I remember every dude I knew really dug this when it came out. HEALTH, “Die Slow” (ok, not exactly of the time, but of the spirit) Public Enemy, “Bring the Noise.” I remember one cute skater I knew really loved this tape when it came out. I heard it for the first time through him back in the