On Clutter, Digital and Otherwise: Part 1

I sometimes wish so hard to be one of those minimalists that have, like, five perfectly chosen books, 25 pieces of beautifully curated clothes and one exquisite piece of jewelry. I have lived with a few minimalists and marveled at their self-possession and self-sufficiency; I’ve envied their elegant asceticism, taking it as a sign of higher consciousness or something. But I am not this kind of a person myself. I attract piles. I fight clutter constantly. I’m not a hoarder, and my approach to matters of adornment, decoration and ownership is simple and straightforward, actually — but simplicity and minimalism

Halfway Through a Year (Plus My Secret Hippie Productivity Tool)

Can you believe we are a little over halfway through a year already? I can’t. I’m in the mid-July haze when things are hot and slow, I’m soaking in sun with half-closed eyes, feeling all loose-hipped and rubbery. Maybe I’ve got some energy for a bike ride in the streets on the nights when the temps have gone down, but mostly I’m kicking back with a margarita on some porch or patio somewhere. Despite my mental and physical lollygagging and laziness, realizing WE’RE HALFWAY THROUGH 2012 is kind of a big kick in the pants. When I put it that

Birthday Letters: 36 Things I Learned Last Year

Tomorrow is my birthday, which I feel so many things about. Happy, because I like celebrations and commemorations. And excited, because my birthday means cake and ice cream, and fireworks are coming soon! But also introspective, because I’m older and supposedly wiser, but sometimes I wonder exactly how. And maybe even a little weighed down upon, because, you know: the march of time and the press of mortality. The endgame approaches. I like the idea of years building upon each other, like pieces of puzzles revealing just a bit more of a bigger picture — and at the end you

Lights out

Last night I was settling in to get some work stuff done on my computer when I decided to watch some TV to distract myself from the unpleasantness of the task. No sooner than I began flipping channels when I heard a big BANG! and suddenly the lights went out. I peeked outside and saw the entire neighborhood’s lights were down. It was pitch black night out. No one’s lights were on, the street lights were out. In the background I could hear sirens rising, but strangely in the darkness, they felt farther away than they were. Oddly, I felt