Now Listening: Lorde, Mazzy Star, Emmylou Harris, FKA Twigs and Other Ladyish Things

Just some lovely ladies making music for a Sunday afternoon! This is what I’ve been listening to lately. I go through cycles of being open to new music, and then just obsessively listening to a few things over and over. Like a spiral, perhaps: it widens and expands and goes upward at times, and then narrows and funnels down to deepen into one point. I’m at the wide, upward point now and open to suggestion. What are you listening to that you’d recommend? I’m up for anything! Lorde, “Tennis Court” Suddenly everyone is all “Lorde! Lorde! Lorde!” and she’s everywhere,

Mixtape: “I Fell In Love With A Werewolf in 1988”

I joined! Yet another way for me to waste time on the Internet! In commemoration of reaching 75,000 words in my novel, I made a mix related to my story — basically the songs that I listen to when I need some musical inspiration to put me in the timeframe of the story. Which is, as you can guess, 1988 or thereabouts. I tried to pick songs that my characters would’ve loved, or songs that would’ve been floating in the air. The interesting thing is, I was sorely tempted to put in random stuff like The Birthday Party or