Okay, Okay, One Actual “Resolution”

So I forgot to tell you about my New Years itself, and how it was a cold, snowy night, and how driving out to dinner was this perilous affair as my poor car trudged down the road at 20 mph, fishtailing here and there. I was so scared, and yet I felt determined to at least end 2013 with some kind of festivity. I tried to put myself in a festive mood earlier by wearing a peacock blue wrap dress — my one dress purchase of 2013, believe it or not! — with my fancy drop pearl earrings and Chanel

Life in pictures: New Year’s dancing shoes and glow bracelets

I was going to stay in on New Year’s Eve, staying warm and chilling out. But then I thought, No! I’ve spent all year chilling out! I want dancing! Champagne! My favorite Marc Jacobs dress! I want to begin a new year light on my feet! So that’s what I did. I believe in auspicious beginnings, and that’s what I had. I also acquired some New Year’s jewelry during my night’s unraveling. Already 2012 is full of good, beautiful things; I look forward to telling you more about them,and other things to come!