Fear and Loathing in Horseback Riding (Or, Being a Big Chicken and Getting Over It)

This fall I’ve been horseback riding every week, sometimes even twice a week, and it’s become the thing that I need to do in order for everything else I want to do — writing, creating, thinking, strategizing, designing — to go well. I don’t create anything except experience when it comes to riding. I don’t have any major ambitions with riding other than getting better at it and enjoying the company of an equine friend. By ruthless productivity logic, it doesn’t do anything for my life or my goals on the surface. And yet if I don’t ride out, my

The Mean Girls in My Head

A few weeks ago I had one of my sleepless nights. Longtime readers may know I am basically a recovering insomniac; I’ve long struggled with sleep troubles. After some major efforts and serious discipline I finally got it under control, but I still have spots of trouble, particularly in the summer when the sun sets so late. So, sleepless once again. I tossed and turned, feeling like my skin was too alive and sensitive to everything touching it, my head whirring with a million thoughts folding and coiling against one another. I guess it was to be expected: I’ve spent