On Matters of Small Yet Inflamed Importance

Do you ever have times in your life where you’re preoccupied with nothing but minutiae? Maybe it’s tax season and I’m thick in the middle of preparing mine — I’m surrounded by forms and receipts and spreadsheets, ugh — but lately I’m going through one of those phases where all I notice are details, dates, dress codes, tiny repairs around the house, and various other kinds of nitty-gritty — and I don’t really see the patterns or big picture. It’s a strange way to exist, and it makes my thoughts similarly higgledy-piggledy. And you know, semi-neurotic: definitely feeling more so

Life in pictures: New Year’s dancing shoes and glow bracelets

I was going to stay in on New Year’s Eve, staying warm and chilling out. But then I thought, No! I’ve spent all year chilling out! I want dancing! Champagne! My favorite Marc Jacobs dress! I want to begin a new year light on my feet! So that’s what I did. I believe in auspicious beginnings, and that’s what I had. I also acquired some New Year’s jewelry during my night’s unraveling. Already 2012 is full of good, beautiful things; I look forward to telling you more about them,and other things to come!

Fun is a muscle that must be exercised

This entry is part of my year-end, month-long Reverb 11 blogging project, where I reflect on my year in a series of daily blog posts. Today I am writing on FUN: What was the most fun you had this year? I know many would likely expect a big good-times kind of entry when it comes to a year-end post about fun, but I have a confession to make: I don’t think I was really all that fun this year. At least, not compared to years past, when I practiced a much more lively sort of hedonism in my life. I