Let’s All Be Irascible Sweethearts Like Neil Young

Today is November 12, and it is Neil Young’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Neil! You are 68 years old and just as grumpy and restless and loving and fierce as ever. I haven’t heard your latest record because I am tardy like that, but I have been listening to lots of After the Gold Rush and Zuma and Harvest lately. I’m sure you hate that and want me to move on from your past. That’s a good lesson, but I just can’t let go quite yet. The stuff’s too good. A long time ago, you taught me how to look for

I am a cinematographer

I’m so behind on my year-end, month-long Reverb 11 blogging project, where I reflect on my year in a series of daily blog posts. Today I am writing on YOUR LIFE IS A MOVIE: Pick and describe a few moments this year that defined you, your life, your world. 1. I lean on the railing, looking over at the downtown lights beginning to flicker on as the dusk fades. I see this pose in movies all the time done by other people, and now it’s my turn. I won’t be coming back here for awhile, I realize. I know I