“Sleepwalker” Up at YouTube

I’ve pleased to say that I’ve completed classes in my MFA program at Columbia University School of the Arts. I am still due to complete a non-thesis and a thesis project before I officially receive my degree — which will probably be in about three years or so. In the meanwhile, I can report that SLEEPWALKER is finally completed. I have a few videos up at YouTube as well. You can go here: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=katasharya.

It’s a Wrap! “WIND AND WOODS” Film Shoot Completed

Happy New Year! I just wrapped production on a new short called WIND AND WOODS. It was shot on HD using 35mm prime lenses, and was a fun, exciting experience. There’s a lovely still of this to your left there, taken by Gab Taraboulsy. The film stars Suzanne Hall, along with Nicholas Coleman, Craig Glantz and Caroline Slaughter. I also shot another short over summer 2006 called SLEEPWALKER, featuring Maggie Wiggins and Brett Rosenberg. All good people. Look for more screenings in 2007, as well as videos on YouTube and other fine destinations.