These Videos By Diptyque and A Fine Frenzy Are the Loveliest Things to Look At

Sometimes the Internet depresses me, but often it is a great source of beauty in my life, especially since I get to intersect with bits of loveliness like these. This promo by luxury perfume company Diptyque, for example, for their new fragrance Volutes. The concept is ports of call around the world. The execution: kind of Art Deco animation, altogether enchanting. Fitting for a fragrance with flowers, honey, tobacco notes, peppers, saffron and myrrh. I only wish it were longer, with even a wisp of a story. Sometimes you even get a charming tale in addition to the visual prettiness.

Prettiest Ghosts You’ve Ever Seen

I watched Dark Shadows recently. Not a great movie in general, but when Tim Burton makes such visual beauty, why quibble over such inconsequential details like a lame script and stilted dialogue? The fantastic thing about Dark Shadows‘ look, especially within the larger Burton milieu, is how he juxtaposed that kind of spectral Victoriana he does so well with an almost camp take on late 60s/early 70s nostalgia. And the soundtrack is pretty ace, too. The whole “vampire confounded by modern world” were the liveliest bits of the movie, but my favorite-looking parts was definitely the supernatural-y, ghostly stuff: haunted

My Life in Pictures: A Trip to the Zoo, A Room and An Outfit

The days are bright but cool, the winds setting in, and suddenly everything apple-, cinnamon- or pumpkin-smelling appeals: fall is here! There are speed bumps here and there, but overall, everything feels purposeful and optimistic. I have plans for stories, projects, meals, trips. But there’s something different about this fall: I’ve carried the feeling of relaxation from the summer with me into the season, and the usually intense, hyper-driven forward push has mellowed a bit. It’s strange: I feel how little time there is in a lifetime sometimes, but that only means more and more that I want to savor

One Last Gasp of Summer

At the marina the lights kept shifting blue and green and rose, reminding me so much of the movie Blue Velvet. The event — an artisanal brewery’s Thursday night drinks kind of thing — went on longer than scheduled; it was the last one of the summer, and you had the sense that people were soaking up the last bits of summer as long as possible. We drank by the waterside and then went for a boat ride on the river. It was peaceful in the growing twilight. Myself, I am and have always been a fan of fall. This