Taking down the hegemony of skinny jeans + my oldest, most beloved t-shirt

Yesterday I said to myself, “No more skinny jeans!” and bought a pair of flared jeans in preparation for my “70s European intellectual” look that I plan to debut this spring. I figure I should get some flared jeans practice in. You know, practice my groovy, sashaying walk and all that. Wearing flared jeans pretty much changes your shoe concept, however — I am not so long-limbed or lanky (to say the least) that I can wear flats with them. They really do look best with some kind of heel. For now, I guess wearing my Frye boots will have

My film production “look” / My favorite place to write in Chicago

I’ve been spending the weekend working on a friend’s feature as the wardrobe stylist/designer. That’s me above, going all utility with jeans and hoodie. Here’s a pic from set: What a great space, right? And this is my kingdom, where I “stage”: But I’m cramming some novel writing in! #PRODUCTIVE. I’ve been cranking out words tonight here: New Wave Coffee in Chicago’s Logan Square! Very cool place, awesome people watching and they’ve been playing Young Marble Giants all night. Anyway…back to work!