Favorite Things: Sjobeck, Madewell’s Fall Lookbook, And MUSIC + CANDY + MUSIC

Just a few frivolities that have caught my eye and captivated my heart lately. Fashion! Music! Food! I feel like a teenager again! Maybe it’s the upcoming summer season, but I am in an expansive, fun, open mood these days. Sjobeck Sjobeck is a Malibu-based label. I first fell in love with those lovely printed silk pants. I struggle with the idea of printed, loose pants because they remind me of those mean older quasi-hippie ladies at Bay Area farmers’ markets with the carts and the food judginess and the arch voices, but these look so beautifully cut and chic.

Soundtracks to life: my version of a Proustian madeleine moment, but with cassettes not cookies

Back when people still listened to tapes, I used to keep a mix tape diary. I’d take a TDK 90-minute tape and record songs that reminded me of places, people, incidents, events or passions happening at the time. It wasn’t necessarily music I always liked, too, but my commitment to the project was so abiding that I would find myself begging my college radio DJ friends to play certain 7-inches during their time slots so I could tape it off the radio, or borrowing unlikely CDs from neighbors in order to record a song I normally never would’ve been interested

My favorite music of 2011

This entry is part of my year-end, month-long Reverb 11 blogging project, where I reflect on my year in a series of daily blog posts. Today I am writing on MUSIC: What were some of your favorite records and songs? What song will always remind you of this year? No surprises here. I looked to music to comfort and inspire this year. I’ll keep this quick-and-dirty-style: ICEAGE, New Brigade I love any band that blows off Pitchfork in interviews. Angsty, Goth-y punk, a bunch of Danish boys making lots of agitated noise. Doing what young dudes in bands sometimes do.

Soundtracks for Writing: Also Doubling As a Girl-Positive Makeout Tape

I love having soundtracks for writing, or for making anything, really. I love finding out what other writers listen to while they write. I assiduously document and soundtrack every story and film I write. I even directed through music, giving actors a copy of the music I associated with their character. (Amusingly, one actress I worked with, I could just give her a song reference from my mixes on set and she knew exactly what I was after in her performance.) While my last mix for the book was very “historical” (lots of late 80s/skate stuff), this mix was the