Diversions and detours

This past weekend was an archetypal summerific one, full of pools and water parks, shaved ice the color of crayons, midnight rides with wind in the air. I submerged myself in ice-cold water and memories of my first major crush on a lifeguard at the local pool, who looked like a teenaged Lorenzo Lamas from “Falcon Crest.” Oh, the glory of the 80s, indeed. Even the music was similar, the water park blasting Duran Duran at regular intervals as we waited in line to ride crazily convoluted water slides that encapsulated fear and thrill in one twisting ride. The book

It’s Been Quiet Around Here

Mostly because I’ve been finishing up my novel…which is just about done! (This revision, at least.) But I’ve also been sick, busy with work, going to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, etc…the stuff of life, basically. First: the book! I’ve been chipping away at this revision in a slow but steady fashion. My last revision focused on getting all the story’s events in place; this one worked on strengthening certain elements that I discovered from the last pass that needed to be knitted into the novel a bit more cleanly. If there’s just one thing I’ve learned from

I Made It Through the Wilderness: Notes on Finishing My Latest Draft, And Slaying My Inner Literary Snob

Whew! Clink your champagne glasses with me, my lovelies, because I just completed my second big, big revision of this draft! Yayness all around, please…I feel like Odysseus just come home! (Of course, he came home to a bunch of dudes trying to cruise his lady and pillage his home, so maybe that’s actually an apt simile.) I’m behind schedule in the timeline that exists inside my mind: I originally wanted to be done with this mid-month, but I got so frustrated because the words just didn’t come. Well, to clarify: the words were there, but the new ones that

On Generosity, Near and Far

Last week marked one year after I graduated film school, and oh, what a ride it’s been! I barely remember the event itself, because I was so sleep-deprived and tired from moving. And the months afterwards? Kind of an emotional haze as I decompressed from school and set about the task of recreating life for myself without the structure of school to guide me. How was I going to move forward? How was I going to make money? Such crazy pressing, pesky questions! Here’s where I was and what I thought at the time: I’m going to shoot a short