Favorite things lately

The opening to “Melancholia,” i.e. the only Lars Von Trier film I can unabashedly love and the most beautiful movie ever made about the ending of the world. Also love the beautiful Wagner overture, which pretty much makes the whole sequence:

I also love this cover of “She’s Lost Control” by Spoek Mathambo. Darkwave township tech from Johannesburg. I hear people call this Afro-goth; I don’t care what it’s called, and the video is stunning, riveting even. I could write a whole thesis on the collision of iconographies happening visually and textually here. In 2001, I might have, but now I’d rather just listen and enjoy.

The story “Kashtanka” by Anton Chekhov. It’s about a dog who loses his way. I WANT A DOG NAMED KASHTANKA! Also, what took me so long to read Chekhov’s short stories? I am so slow sometimes!

My only bourgeois dream is to own a house, and in about a year or two, this will come true! I’ve started looking now, figuring it will take me that long to figure out how I want to spend a buttload of hard-earned savings; right now I want a farmhouse, because I want room for horses later. But I may just settle for a townhouse or something, really.

I am playing guitar lately, taking lessons all proper-like. I go to class with an acoustic, but my heart’s with my Telecaster.

This Nicki Minaj song. The first half of this record, i.e. the hip-hop half = kind of genius. And I love how she namechecks Hot Topic, it always makes me giggle a little.

[wpaudio url=”http://www.katasharya.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/03-I-Am-Your-Leader.mp3″ text=”Nicki Minaj, I Am Your Leader” dl=”0″]

Overall, life is full of such goodness: I’ve been working on a new novel and I am so happy that I don’t want to be on a computer so much! I want to be living and loving! I hope you’ve been happy this spring so far, all lovely blossoms and fresh air. Outside my window I have butterflies, hummingbirds and cardinals. I wake up and open the blinds and the cardinals sit in their nests and cock their heads at me, and I swear, it is the best start to my day (after a cup of coffee.) I wonder if they know me now. That is my goal this spring: to make friends with birds and share the sunshine. xo k.

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