On spring cleaning of a different kind

I had a strange dream last night. I tell you this because I know a lot of people hate reading about dreams. If you do, you can just skip to the end, but it won’t make much sense.


In my dream, I was making a movie, which is something that I haven’t done in awhile. The movie was this: I would bring my camera to a significant room in my life, either set up a tripod or have someone hold the camera, and then I’d film myself standing in the center of the room, spinning.

As I spun, I would begin corralling all the feelings and thoughts I ever had in the room, much like how a tornado sucks up the air around it. The thoughts and feelings would concentrate into my chest; it was like re-experiencing what happened in that room in fast-motion and hyper-speed. And then as I stopped spinning, the feelings would ebb away, and I was left feeling much space and light inside of me.

I put the footage together into a film of me spinning around in rooms, complete with a voiceover of what had happened in the room and what I had gotten from it. I showed the film at a screening, and it was called, no joke, “My Life.”


(I should also mention that the “significant rooms” in my dream had no bearing on my real life. They were rooms like the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, or a tea room in the Dorchester Hotel in London. Weird, right?)


I woke up this morning after the dream feeling really light and unburdened, so I decided it was my subconscious doing some spring cleaning. This isn’t entirely out of context with what is going on in my real life; I had a big gasp of a realization earlier this week, a significant shift in something related to my past. But it wasn’t until my dream where I felt I truly let something go.

How do you clean out your subconscious for spring? What emotional burdens and baggage are you cleaning out now?

(Just as I write this, it’s clear and sunny out, and the day should hit 60 degrees in the afternoon. It will be beautiful!)

2 thoughts on “On spring cleaning of a different kind

  1. Dear Kat,

    Your dream sounds very intriguing, have you seen ‘Russian Ark’ by Alexander Sokurov? It’s filmed in a dream-like 90-minute tracking shot of the State Hermitage Museum, think you would like it…

    I know what you mean about the mental clutter, I feel strange and anxious at this time in early spring, there’s an excitement in the air, an wary tension… really hope your book is out soon!


    1. Hi Anna! yes, I did see Russian Ark ages ago and remember it quite well…the long tracking shots were very dreamlike, so maybe that bubbled up in my subconscious!

      Thanks for the kind words on my book…I hope it will be out one day too!
      xo k.

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