Love Letters to Everyone


I have never embraced Valentine’s Day as a red hearts/chocolates/Hallmark kind of day. I used to be quite cynical about it all, being a grumpy punk, but now I appreciate it as an opportunity to honor love in all its forms. Love doesn’t just mean coupledom to me, though, but largesse of spirit and greatness of heart for all your loved ones, so I like to send out little arrows of appreciation and affection to everyone in my circle.

My Parents

I thank whatever divine spirit caused me to be born to them, for their wisdom and trust and love and generosity. They’ve given me the space to be myself, and that means the world to me.

My Sisters

I’m so proud and honored to be part of our tribe. I’m proud of how we all stand together, and how we support one another through thick and thin. They’re the people I can most depend on in my life, and I’m so grateful for that.

My Nieces and Nephews

My little monsters bring so much pure love and energy into my life. I love how much they are a valued part of my life, and I love being witness to their amazing journeys so far as people — seeing them develop and grow as people has been a great joy. I love all their hugs and kisses and snuggling, for getting to hold their hands or push them in swings as they have their little philosophical conversations with me. I’m excited to watch them grow into fine people. They make my heart so much bigger.

My Friends

So many are farflung. Some I talk to often; others maybe once in awhile. But I appreciate all the laughter, support and companionship we’ve shared over the years, all the adventures we’ve had together, all the far-reaching and searching conversations that bring us closer to one another and to ourselves. So many are my bright lights of inspiration, and I’m appreciative of their graceful, courageous examples of making the most out of life.

My Inspirations

Whether they’re friends or creative colleagues or just supernovas in the universe that just blaze and blaze and blaze through the darkness, I’m so grateful for their love and light and brilliance. On a journey with many bumps and pockets of darkness, where you’re often stranded with no map, my inspirations keep me going.

My Co-Workers

I don’t often write about my job, but I will acknowledge here that I work with really good spirits, and that makes everything so much better!

My Ex-Loves

I thank them for making me wiser in the ways of the heart and spirit, and for being some of my best teachers in being a more authentic human being. Without them I wouldn’t be the woman I am, and I wouldn’t have near as much appreciation for the love in my life as I do now.

My Beau

For love and love and love and love. For everything.


For reading here, and for so many of your gracious comments and feedback. Despite the omnipresence of social media everywhere, so often writing on the Internet still feels like whispering to yourself in the dark. But when I hear from anyone here — and I get lots of heartfelt missives and searching, provocative questions — I truly feel like we’re not alone in this great big world of ours. So thank you!

6 thoughts on “Love Letters to Everyone

  1. Thank you, Kat, for all yr blogging. I know what you mean about the whispering. I’m glad I happened to hear.

    I just saw The Limits of Control finally! I’m going to go back and look for your entry about it–I loved it.

      1. awww, john, thanks! and yep about NOGOODFORME…it got hacked and i haven’t been able to fix it, boo. i think i have to find a way to get the database it’s run off of and basically recreate it from scratch. sigh!!! i don’t have time for this!! though maybe i’ll try to tackle it this weekend with the holiday!

        xo k.

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