On Matters of Small Yet Inflamed Importance

Do you ever have times in your life where you’re preoccupied with nothing but minutiae? Maybe it’s tax season and I’m thick in the middle of preparing mine — I’m surrounded by forms and receipts and spreadsheets, ugh — but lately I’m going through one of those phases where all I notice are details, dates, dress codes, tiny repairs around the house, and various other kinds of nitty-gritty — and I don’t really see the patterns or big picture. It’s a strange way to exist, and it makes my thoughts similarly higgledy-piggledy. And you know, semi-neurotic: definitely feeling more so

My closet, myself

Some people come to moments of decision and shifts in consciousness after near-death experiences or piercing experiences of beauty. Me, I decided to change my life after cleaning out my closet one summer four years ago. Not as picturesque or cinematic as I’d like life to be, I admit, but everything good happening in my life right now has its roots in deciding to clean out my overstuffed, overflowing Manhattan closet. +++++ I’m embarrassed to say how long it took me to clean it out, because, after all, it wasn’t a very big closet. Plus, it was the only closet