Turning a Blog into a Book: An Intro to My Project, and What I’m Learning So Far

High irony alert! Here I am, discussing my blog-to-book project, the story behind why the hell I did this in the first place and musing on the differences between books and blogs and how that affected the editing process…and I’m doing it in a video blog! (I’ve been writing a ton lately, and thought talking at a camera awkwardly would be a nice change of pace…kind of.) Anyway, if you want to hear what my book is called (lots of funny faces alert), how I decided to embark upon it (pay attention to your crazy whims!), and what I’ve learned

Starting the New Year Now

I know, I know…2013 begins on January 1. I’m not talking about time and years measured out into quantities, calendar units, dates. What I’m talking about is the New Year as a state of mind: possibility, wide horizons to fill with intentions and movement, a fresh start, big glorious plans to take over the world. You know: resolutions. Which historically I’m not fond of, though I make them every year. Despite this, I’ve started my whole year-end reflection/2013 planning process now. I did Reverb awhile back, and while that was fun and I love reading other people doing it, I