The Compass That Keeps Me Pointed North in the Journey Towards Love

A few days ago, I was doing some work at a local Panera (I KNOW) when this elderly couple at the table next to me sat down. They didn’t have a sense of being an old married-type of couple — you know, how people start to walk alike and have the same rhythm and expressions, a very settled shared pace and ease. This couple had kind of a nervous, curious energy together, like they were new to each other in some way. I’m a big observer of people — a more polite way to say I’m freaking nosy as hell!

My Life in Pictures: February 2013

February was a short month, but lingering colds for everyone around me and never-ending snow and greyness made it seem so much longer! So my usually cynical self appreciated Valentine’s Day just a bit more, if only for a mid-month riot of red, roses and chocolate. Preparations for the day: lavender soap wrapped in happy-colored paper and cute ribbon for presents. I was tempted to buy a little craft kit to make a pink stuffed owl for my niece, but I hesitated and then it sold out! So, yes, just left with ribbon for a project for the day. I

Love Letters to Everyone

I have never embraced Valentine’s Day as a red hearts/chocolates/Hallmark kind of day. I used to be quite cynical about it all, being a grumpy punk, but now I appreciate it as an opportunity to honor love in all its forms. Love doesn’t just mean coupledom to me, though, but largesse of spirit and greatness of heart for all your loved ones, so I like to send out little arrows of appreciation and affection to everyone in my circle. My Parents I thank whatever divine spirit caused me to be born to them, for their wisdom and trust and love