A Slow, Steady September

The humidity’s been insane lately. The air feels like a damp blanket, or a giant sauna. I usually hate limp, boneless days like this — and the bugs and b.o. that seems to thrive in the moistness — but the barista at my local downtown cafe told me she thinks of it like a giant embrace from the world, so I’m trying that on. A sweaty, stinky embrace, but a loving one nevertheless. I’m impatient for fall. Fall is my spiritual new year, full of endeavor and purpose. My nerdy self always loved the annual rituals of school supplies and

The New Year for Artsy, Creative Introvert-y Types

I have this new theory that the beginning of fall is really the New Year for artsy, creative, left-brainy types — eternal student types, or really anyone with an itch to put something beautiful or useful into the world. I’ve said it before, but I’ve never understood why people put the New Year in the middle of a dark, cold season when all you want to do is get snuggly and warm in the coziest place possible. Fall — for me at least — has always meant back-to-school, classes starting, pencils sharpened and spandy-new notebooks waiting to be filled with