Libraries, A Love Story

As far as publishing/literary biz blogs go, I’m a fan of Nathan Bransford. He’s friendly, down-to-earth, accessible, knows his stuff, and manages to make what seems a discouraging, confusing business into something you feel you can tackle. So I was a bit surprised when I read his most recent entry, “What Role Should Libraries Have in an Electronic World?” and came across something that was like discovering your favorite teacher is a secret rabid Republican or your friendly co-worker likes to hunt cute little bunnies on the weekends. Bransford’s entry springboards off a recent comment by children’s author Terry Deary,

A Pair of Pink Leopard Print Sunglasses and a Bit of Bad Taste

I recently bought a scarf and some sunglasses: a rare spur-of-the-moment purchase after my epic Zen wardrobe cleanout ages ago. I was just charmed, I guess, maybe craving a bit of spring in the heart of winter. The lavender floral scarf incorporated itself well into my existing wardrobe — I’ve worn it nearly everyday since I got it — and the dark sunglasses nicely replaced a pair of Ray-Bans I smashed last summer on an impromptu weekend road trip. But I felt oddly tortured about the pink leopard print sunglasses! Don’t get me wrong, I love them — but there’s