I Love My Paper Planner So Much, It’s Ridiculous

Sometime during the middle of spring, I decided to go back to a paper-based planner. I’ve always been slightly in love with planners, agendas and organizers — part of my ongoing stationery fetish, I guess. I had the most intense relationship with the free weekly agenda they gave out to undergraduates at Duke, where I went to school — it was just a simple little notebook, divided up into weeks, with a blue leather-y cover embossed with Duke’s official seal. I used it all the freaking time, and covered every bit of free space with lists, brainstorming, doodling, and random

Life as a Recovering Insomniac

I’ve written about this elsewhere and tweeted about it, but my insomnia came back with a vengeance these past few weeks, and it has been rough. Many long-time readers know that I’ve struggled with insomnia for much of my life. I’m a night owl by temperament and have even “made insomnia work” for me at points in my life, when I had more reserves of energy to compensate. (Not sleeping = superproductive, at when I was 25.) But in grad school, my insomnia got ridiculous — I’d finally fall sleep by 6 or 7 a.m., only to wake up 4-5

On Being An Aunt

Being an aunt is seriously one of the best parts of my life. Moving from NYC was motivated in large part by the desire to be closer to my family — my parents, mostly, but also my growing brood of nieces and nephews. These days, I see them at least once a week and love feeling like a regular presence in their lives. Being an aunt is all the fun and cuteness of children, without the tantrums, late nights and mess…and if they misbehave or act up, you can just hand ’em back to the parents and plead helplessness! Joking

Birthday Letters: 36 Things I Learned Last Year

Tomorrow is my birthday, which I feel so many things about. Happy, because I like celebrations and commemorations. And excited, because my birthday means cake and ice cream, and fireworks are coming soon! But also introspective, because I’m older and supposedly wiser, but sometimes I wonder exactly how. And maybe even a little weighed down upon, because, you know: the march of time and the press of mortality. The endgame approaches. I like the idea of years building upon each other, like pieces of puzzles revealing just a bit more of a bigger picture — and at the end you