Your Own Private Mini-Retreat

As an addendum to Monday’s post on my mini-retreat, I thought I’d post a more nuts-and-bolts one. I’ve been on legit retreats before: meditation ones, writing ones, ones involving saunas and massages, Californian ones, upstate New York ones, remote New England ones, island ones, beach ones, day-long ones, weekend-long ones. I haven’t yet done a silent retreat, but I’d like to one day. But the idea is simply to opt out of the daily hullabaloo for a brief yet restorative period of time in order to devote your divine concentration to something — and that’s something you can easily create

What the Hawks Told Me

This weekend I went out to my favorite place in my hometown: my local arboretum. I went with my journal, a stack of books, some Sour Patch Kids for snacks, my hippie yearly planner and my regular weekly planner. It was a gorgeous day — early fall weather, with lots of golden sunshine mixed with a slight yet brisk wind. I wore a hoodie, jeans and Converse, and I hunkered down between some hawthorn trees on top of a large sarong/scarf I got ages ago on a beach in Thailand. I wasn’t just there to hang out and enjoy the