My Life in Pictures: January 2013

I have a Flickr account and an Instagram one as well, but sometimes it’s nice to pull together stuff in one central place. For one thing, it’s like making a small treasure trove for myself. I hope in future years, I’ll tool around in my own blog and enjoy seeing these bits and pieces of the past. And even now, it helps me remember the small details and textures I want to soak in: little adventures, more epic ones, lyrical details that don’t seem so until much later. My little experiments in homemaking and adventures in DIY fashion styling seem

How Do Quirky Gamines Grow Up?

I got a bunch of gift cards for the holidays, so this past weekend I went to a local department store at the mall and looked around for something to buy. I’m not a big shopper, especially since my big Zen wardrobe cleanout ages ago. But I thought I’d canvass the landscape and see if there was anything that caught my eye. I’m generally a proponent of buying quality clothing, and I’ve learned to hold out for something that I really love instead of buying something just for the sake of buying. But with these gift cards, I thought I’d