Bowling Adventures!

You may not be aware of it unless you follow my Twitter or Instagram, but this fall and winter, I joined a bowling league. Once a week on Monday evenings, I roll down to one of the bowling alleys in our local town, lace up some goofy shoes and play three games in a “Pizza, Wings and Beer” league. Being in a league was kind of a no-brainer, a nice thing to do with my sweetheart every week with friends. Plus: 16 weeks of bowling once a week! A free ball of my own! Pizza! Beer! I’m down with any

On Adult Swim

When I was a kid, we used to go to the community pool a lot. The pool was like my source of summer teenageriness, before I was a teenager. I had a crush on a lifeguard who looked a bit like Lorenzo Lamas on “Falcon Crest,” and I swear to God, he was dating this beautiful blond lifeguard who was like the epitome of who I really wished I could turn into as a 10-year-old. She had pretty highlights and tan skin and a sexy-pouty face. I spent hours at this pool, trying to figure out the relationships between all

Monthly Mixtape: In the Name of the Father But Never the Ghost

Most of you know I’m an inveterate music diarist — for years I made a mix tape diary for every semester of school on cassette. This year, because it is modern times and everything is d-i-g-i-t-a-l, I’ve been keeping a monthly playlist online that reflects the songs and music that both captures my heart and drifts in the background during those lovely, fleeting moments in life that I want to remember. This is September’s playlist: a harvest month, full of Indian summer sunshine, the smell of fresh cider donuts, the warmth of bundling up for the first time in a