Belated 2013 Favorites, And The Word for 2014 Is…

…savor. Yes, I suppose I could do the usual “goals for 2014” post or a resolutions one. It’s that time of the year; it’s in the air. And I do have things I want to accomplish, and a loose roadmap for what I’d like to happen and when. I am enough of a type-A personality for that. But the one tool that I’ve found, more than anything, to help create a year that has true intention and purpose behind it is having that one word for the year. The theme. The compass. That’s real elegance and simplicity to me, which

Starting the New Year Now

I know, I know…2013 begins on January 1. I’m not talking about time and years measured out into quantities, calendar units, dates. What I’m talking about is the New Year as a state of mind: possibility, wide horizons to fill with intentions and movement, a fresh start, big glorious plans to take over the world. You know: resolutions. Which historically I’m not fond of, though I make them every year. Despite this, I’ve started my whole year-end reflection/2013 planning process now. I did Reverb awhile back, and while that was fun and I love reading other people doing it, I

How to plan a year

I used to be one for really complex and ambitious New Year’s resolutions and intentions, complete with color-coded spreadsheets mapping out my year month-by-month. (Yes, it is as insane as it sounds, but it was actually really pretty to look at! My sweetheart suggested I actually should have framed it and passed it off as abstract art. I’m sure someone already has, I said.) That worked, for a year, and then it worked less and less after that, because my life got complicated with variables out of my control and it got kind of boring to fill out. I’m fairly