Chilled-Out August Time

Sometimes you want to write something with deep personal insight and wisdom. But sometimes you just want to record life with its sensations, memories, sounds, scents and sights. This post is really more like the latter, a kind of scrapbook entry: life, things I’m doing, a little of what I’m thinking. Perfect laidback August vibes, mellow and chill… So the big news in life (besides being my baby’s mama) is that I got a bike! My sweetheart got me one for my birthday, and it’s a beauty. I love it so much.     I ride it downtown to the coffee

This Week’s Reading: Julian Assange/WikiLeaks, Netflix, Sofia Coppola, Miwa Matreyek

I am trying to be a bit more selective and thoughtful about the glut of web content and articles that I used to inhale. So I’m going to try to keep up a list of selected, particularly interesting online reading that I’m doing, complete with some commentary and thought that it inspired in me. This week: No Secrets: Julian Assange‚Äôs mission for total transparency (The New Yorker) A great article that gives an interesting, human sense of WikiLeaks and the man who essentially ran it. Quelle character, as they say, but what I liked about the piece was how it