Let’s All Be Irascible Sweethearts Like Neil Young

Today is November 12, and it is Neil Young’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Neil! You are 68 years old and just as grumpy and restless and loving and fierce as ever. I haven’t heard your latest record because I am tardy like that, but I have been listening to lots of After the Gold Rush and Zuma and Harvest lately. I’m sure you hate that and want me to move on from your past. That’s a good lesson, but I just can’t let go quite yet. The stuff’s too good. A long time ago, you taught me how to look for

Monthly Mixtape: In the Name of the Father But Never the Ghost

Most of you know I’m an inveterate music diarist — for years I made a mix tape diary for every semester of school on cassette. This year, because it is modern times and everything is d-i-g-i-t-a-l, I’ve been keeping a monthly playlist online that reflects the songs and music that both captures my heart and drifts in the background during those lovely, fleeting moments in life that I want to remember. This is September’s playlist: a harvest month, full of Indian summer sunshine, the smell of fresh cider donuts, the warmth of bundling up for the first time in a