Sparks: Welcome to Female Trainwreck Week

I’ve always been oddly secretive about what I read on the Internet. (I’m one of those people that think that what you read in some way will come to define you at some point — which is scary considering how much sci-fi/fantasy, business development and fusty classical fiction I read.) I originally posted a list of “What I’m Reading on the Internets” on my monthly mailing list missive, but then thought that public sharing was a better way to spark discussion and at least pay tribute to other Internet writers out there! So here you go…this week I was fascinated

Birthday Letters: 36 Things I Learned Last Year

Tomorrow is my birthday, which I feel so many things about. Happy, because I like celebrations and commemorations. And excited, because my birthday means cake and ice cream, and fireworks are coming soon! But also introspective, because I’m older and supposedly wiser, but sometimes I wonder exactly how. And maybe even a little weighed down upon, because, you know: the march of time and the press of mortality. The endgame approaches. I like the idea of years building upon each other, like pieces of puzzles revealing just a bit more of a bigger picture — and at the end you

On conundrums, and the smell of spring

I’m sitting at a table near an open window, and there are lilac bushes just starting to bloom outside them, ripening to a darker purple in the sunlight. Everything smells so lovely and fragile, and the wind is murmuring. ***** The tricky thing is that the areas of life that feel expansive and full of growth and insight for me right now — love and money — are not ones that I’m inclined to write about publicly, for obvious reasons. I really don’t want my love life or the state of my financies to be cached on Google, you know?

On breakthroughs, and the thing that’s harder to talk about than sex

This entry is part of my year-end, month-long Reverb 11 blogging project, where I reflect on my year in a series of daily blog posts. Today I am writing on BREAKTHROUGHS: What were your biggest breakthroughs? This can be in any area: emotional, spiritual, career, etc. Breakthroughs, I hadz them, as the LOLcats would say. (Can we still talk about LOLcats in 2011?) Some were in the area of writing. These mostly had to do with endurance, and process, and letting work breathe a bit before trying to approach it again with somewhat fresh eyes. And the gnarliness of the