On Lady Posses, And Favorite Music Girlfriends From Last Year

When I think about my life five years ago and the life that I have now, it blows me away how different they are. For the most part, it’s been a beautiful evolution. But there’s one fundamental difference that I do miss: having a regular posse of girlfriends. I used to be one of those quasi “Sex and the City” girls. Okay, not really — though we did talk plenty about guys and sex and dating, I think my girlfriends and I were more motivated by creativity, and the struggle to get our work out there. But my primary social

Currently: National Anthems and Demystifying the Retro Glamour of the Kennedys

Listening: Still into this Grimes record a lot, and the Fiona Apple record as well. Some Talk Talk, some Walkmen, the Metric record. Nick Drake. Revisiting the Lana Del Rey record, as well. Watching: Moonrise Kingdom finally opened here! I liked it; it was such a sweet and tender movie. It’s not my favorite Wes Anderson film, but I think it’s the most open-hearted of his movies. Also saw Brave, which I liked but expected to like more than I did. I think it’s because she makes a key decision that I felt was really out of character in the