In which I issue myself another challenge: Reverb 11

One would think after finishing Nanowrimo that I’d relax a little. That’s what I thought. But the idea of doing Reverb — a December-long personal blogging/journaling project started by Gwen Bell in 2009, in which you answer a prompt a day in the online format of your choice — was too much to resist. The “why, oh, why”: 1. I only half-assed the one in 2009 and skipped 2010 because I was finishing up the draft of my first novel, and now “they” are not doing it anymore. But they kindly left instructions on doing it on your own, so

Letters I Wish I Had Gotten From My Future Self When I Was 5/10/15, Etc.

Sometimes I wonder how creepy and cool it would be to get letters from my future self. Imagine it: you’re on your way to air out your mailbox (or face the depressing stack of bills and junk mail sitting in the void, since no one really writes letters anymore.) You open it, and there is a mysteriously addressed letter from a place called “The Future.” By a future version of you. I’m sure deep in my memory there exists a science-fiction film based on this scenario, but on a sincere level I would’ve welcomed a bit of guidance from my