Six Semi-Related Thoughts on Reading, Writing, Thinking, Wisdom vs. Information and Other Random Topics

Sometimes when you’re blocked as a blogger, the key is to simply blog. Maybe not publish, but just write and see what happens. Sometimes I’m convinced blocks happen because you want to write about subjects you perhaps don’t often write about in a particular space. But something — self-judgment, overwhelm, lack of confidence, low energy, life — gets in the way. And when you don’t obey your inner prime directive, well, nothing comes out — everything gets blocked. (It reminds me of a useful metaphor I once read somewhere self-help-ish, about how both positive and negative emotions come out of

My Selfies, My Selves

Sometimes in my head I say, “There are two kinds of people: there are people who take selfies, and people who don’t.” I try this statement on, but deep down I don’t think it’s true. Or maybe I do, kind of. This lame dichotomy does expose, though, some innate judgment or rancor against the practice of taking selfies. (Selfie-ing?) To take a selfie, on some level, is to be fascinated by the self. Too fascinated with the self, though, and you’re a narcissist, shallow, annoying. Yes? No? Of course, back in the day, they were just self-portraits. But when did

Talking About “Personal Brands” Makes Me Sad and Disappointed in Humanity At Times

Don’t judge — or, go ahead, I suppose — but I was reading Cosmo awhile back as kind of mind-candy mental junk food, and there was this bit about “honing your personal brand” in the life advice section of the magazine Instantly I got a sinking feeling inside me, like, Blergh, yet another thing to worry about? The online presentation of my personality? I hate the Internet! Boo, Internet! Personal branding advice generally boils down, in a very pithy clickable Internet kind of way, to: 1. Use the same name and pic and font and graphics and whoo hoo on