In Between Days

I’m sitting here writing this wearing sweatpants, drinking coffee, sitting on my sofa surrounded by notebooks and magazines and half-read books. I’m sort of just being lazy, though, maybe reflecting a little, filling out my yearly planning thingies, but otherwise not up to very much. I’m savoring the quiet time between Christmas and New Year’s, taking the time to read and simply not do very much. It feels good, and necessary. I like holidays, but this year felt particularly stressful, and my spirits felt a bit low. For a day, I felt a strange feeling, like my brain wasn’t quite

All Things Merry and Bright

Happy Holidays, my lovelies! I hope wherever you are, it’s filled with love, light and happiness. And if it isn’t — if it’s been a difficult time full of memories, too much noise, stress or simply the pressure to exalt a day to a level of unreasonable expectation — I hope you find peace and comfort. Thank you for reading my blog, for commenting, sending email, subscribing to the newsletter, reading my stories, all of it. I’m genuinely grateful, and I hope to keep making this a place to find a pocket of beauty and wisdom every now and again!