On Squeezing the Last Dregs of the Day

In Which I Give Myself a Guilt Trip, Can’t Sleep and Come to Some Epiphanies About Compassion, Productivity and Insomnia I’ve been sleeping not so great lately. I do this weird thing where I collapse in my bed at the end of the day because I’m super tired, and I just want to close my eyes and pass out. But my mind races, still in go-go-go daytime mode even though I’m supposed to enter into chill zone. And yet I can’t stop my brain. Did I edit this piece of writing? Did I email So-and-So back? Did I get XY

Your Own Private Mini-Retreat

As an addendum to Monday’s post on my mini-retreat, I thought I’d post a more nuts-and-bolts one. I’ve been on legit retreats before: meditation ones, writing ones, ones involving saunas and massages, Californian ones, upstate New York ones, remote New England ones, island ones, beach ones, day-long ones, weekend-long ones. I haven’t yet done a silent retreat, but I’d like to one day. But the idea is simply to opt out of the daily hullabaloo for a brief yet restorative period of time in order to devote your divine concentration to something — and that’s something you can easily create

What the Hawks Told Me

This weekend I went out to my favorite place in my hometown: my local arboretum. I went with my journal, a stack of books, some Sour Patch Kids for snacks, my hippie yearly planner and my regular weekly planner. It was a gorgeous day — early fall weather, with lots of golden sunshine mixed with a slight yet brisk wind. I wore a hoodie, jeans and Converse, and I hunkered down between some hawthorn trees on top of a large sarong/scarf I got ages ago on a beach in Thailand. I wasn’t just there to hang out and enjoy the

The New Year for Artsy, Creative Introvert-y Types

I have this new theory that the beginning of fall is really the New Year for artsy, creative, left-brainy types — eternal student types, or really anyone with an itch to put something beautiful or useful into the world. I’ve said it before, but I’ve never understood why people put the New Year in the middle of a dark, cold season when all you want to do is get snuggly and warm in the coziest place possible. Fall — for me at least — has always meant back-to-school, classes starting, pencils sharpened and spandy-new notebooks waiting to be filled with