My Life in Pictures: February 2013

February was a short month, but lingering colds for everyone around me and never-ending snow and greyness made it seem so much longer! So my usually cynical self appreciated Valentine’s Day just a bit more, if only for a mid-month riot of red, roses and chocolate. Preparations for the day: lavender soap wrapped in happy-colored paper and cute ribbon for presents. I was tempted to buy a little craft kit to make a pink stuffed owl for my niece, but I hesitated and then it sold out! So, yes, just left with ribbon for a project for the day. I

Goth Everything

I remember reading in Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project about she turned everything into a spiritual exercise, endowing mundane activities and tasks with a noble purpose. What she did was simple: reframing something in her mind with the word “meditation.” You know, like “washing dishes meditation,” or “riding the bus meditation,” or “folding laundry meditation.” It’s all very ordinary yet insightful, in that trademark Gretchen Rubin way. Since then, I’m slightly obsessed with how adding a simple word to a simple subject can transform it into something else entirely — and how it shifts your perception of the world just