The Summer 2013 To-Do List

Happy Summer Solstice! My whole thing lately is trying to make summer feel like vacation when I was a kid, when I had a huge, beautifully aimless stretch of time to do whatever I wanted. “Whatever” then meant taking lots of naps, playing outside, reading for hours. Starting a lemonade stand, cutting up catalogs to make “special picture books,” recording songs off the weekly top 40 show and making up dances to them, classes and lessons at the Y — all mundane yet gloriously chilled-out childhood summer things. You could sort of just exist and enjoy life in a more

What to Do With the Remains Of Spring?

I cannot believe it is almost June. Almost halfway through the year! Time: flying by, a whir of days, activity, thoughts, runs in the park, buying groceries, playing auntie, petting tiny Shetland ponies, writing and revising and proofing and re-proofing and re-re-proofing. Time seeps away; time piles up. I can’t keep track sometimes, no matter how much I journal, Instagram, meditate. This year I want to remember that summer is a time to slow down. Springtime has been so busy: I’ve been gearing up to publish my collection of essays soon, and while I thought this would be a quick,

My Life in Pictures: January 2013

I have a Flickr account and an Instagram one as well, but sometimes it’s nice to pull together stuff in one central place. For one thing, it’s like making a small treasure trove for myself. I hope in future years, I’ll tool around in my own blog and enjoy seeing these bits and pieces of the past. And even now, it helps me remember the small details and textures I want to soak in: little adventures, more epic ones, lyrical details that don’t seem so until much later. My little experiments in homemaking and adventures in DIY fashion styling seem

Flowers and planes

This past weekend I did two things that I’ve never done before: I went to a garden fair, and then I went to an air show. (I also partied with a bunch of three-year-olds, but I do that on a semi-regular basis as an auntie.) Both were experiences that I perhaps would’ve never chosen for myself in my past NYC city girl life. But I’m in the great vast stretches of the Midwest for much of the summer till this fall and winter. And lately I’ve been keen on seeing and doing things outside my usual purview, even if they’re