Favorite Things: Sjobeck, Madewell’s Fall Lookbook, And MUSIC + CANDY + MUSIC

Just a few frivolities that have caught my eye and captivated my heart lately. Fashion! Music! Food! I feel like a teenager again! Maybe it’s the upcoming summer season, but I am in an expansive, fun, open mood these days. Sjobeck Sjobeck is a Malibu-based label. I first fell in love with those lovely printed silk pants. I struggle with the idea of printed, loose pants because they remind me of those mean older quasi-hippie ladies at Bay Area farmers’ markets with the carts and the food judginess and the arch voices, but these look so beautifully cut and chic.

A recommendation, and a day full of breakfasts

This entry is part of my year-end, month-long Reverb 11 blogging project, where I reflect on my year in a series of daily blog posts. Today I am writing on FOOD: What was the best meal/culinary experience you had this year? What made it so great? I have two answers for this question, one emphasizing the “culinary” and the other the “experience” part of the phrase. For exquisite deliciousness and a reminder of the magic and sensory delight that a beautifully prepared meal can provide, any meal I had this year at Longman & Eagle in Chicago fit the bill.

My Summer To-Do List

I was so inspired by Gala Darling’s To-Do list for the summer that i had to pull together my own! Time to get out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, the leisurely longer days, the glorious glowing sunsets! I do love the stark beauty and coziness of winter, but I’m ready for something new. Here are my hopes and dreams for the season…what are some of yours? LEARN THE NAMES OF ALL THE TREES AROUND ME I had a beau once who could identify the types of trees in his leafy Brooklyn neighborhood. I always admired this trait, this connection to