A Champagne Moment, Because My Book is Out!

Time to break out the champagne, my beauties: my book is now up for sale at Amazon! Yes, All Things Glorious and True is officially out in the wild, ready to kick up its heels and cause a good-natured ruckus. I’m so stoked, and relieved, and nervous, and proud, and all kinds of other big, beautiful book mama emotions. After the tumult of losing a good chunk of NOGOODFORME to the dark overlords of the Internet, I feel happy knowing it lives on in some form of another. (By the way, the Kindle edition will up very soon as well!

On Being a Semi-Retired Libertine

1. The pleasure of talking with old friends is how they remind you of crazy things you’ve done in the past. Sneaking backstage, making out with abandon, champagne nights and next-day brunches wearing sunglasses and a disheveled vibe: stories like these dot the past like rhinestones from a broken bracelet, crushd on a nightclub floor. But not anymore. Don’t get me wrong: I love my life now. But sometimes the Stooges’ Fun House pops up on my iPod or I look at my old studded boots or my crazy party dresses in my closet, getting antsy as they wait to

Life in pictures: New Year’s dancing shoes and glow bracelets

I was going to stay in on New Year’s Eve, staying warm and chilling out. But then I thought, No! I’ve spent all year chilling out! I want dancing! Champagne! My favorite Marc Jacobs dress! I want to begin a new year light on my feet! So that’s what I did. I believe in auspicious beginnings, and that’s what I had. I also acquired some New Year’s jewelry during my night’s unraveling. Already 2012 is full of good, beautiful things; I look forward to telling you more about them,and other things to come!