On Lady Posses, And Favorite Music Girlfriends From Last Year

When I think about my life five years ago and the life that I have now, it blows me away how different they are. For the most part, it’s been a beautiful evolution. But there’s one fundamental difference that I do miss: having a regular posse of girlfriends. I used to be one of those quasi “Sex and the City” girls. Okay, not really — though we did talk plenty about guys and sex and dating, I think my girlfriends and I were more motivated by creativity, and the struggle to get our work out there. But my primary social

Monthly Mixtape: In the Name of the Father But Never the Ghost

Most of you know I’m an inveterate music diarist — for years I made a mix tape diary for every semester of school on cassette. This year, because it is modern times and everything is d-i-g-i-t-a-l, I’ve been keeping a monthly playlist online that reflects the songs and music that both captures my heart and drifts in the background during those lovely, fleeting moments in life that I want to remember. This is September’s playlist: a harvest month, full of Indian summer sunshine, the smell of fresh cider donuts, the warmth of bundling up for the first time in a

How to Marry the Sky

Taking August off from regular blogging was really liberating. I learned not to process my thoughts or experiences in blog-sized containers; I just existed in the haze of heat, sunshine and fun that was August. I gamboled in mud, I set up house and put my new set of pots and pans to use, I went down water slides and let the September fashion issues collect dust on my new coffee table. I roasted a squash and turned zucchini into spaghetti. I slept in a new bed, organized my collection of perfumes, danced around the room to the Grimes record.