Screenplay: My 90s Zine Girl Epic!

Well, this isn’t the entire screenplay, just the first 15 pages — or the first sequence, as they say. I wrote “Silver” in my Screenwriting 3 and 4 class in film school, and then rewrote it in a Revision class, so it’s been through the wringer. When I first started it in, like, 2006, I was going for a very nostalgic 90s feel, like “My So-Called Life” but less mopey and more drab-suburban than posh-suburban, and I wanted to pay tribute to zines, music, girl friendships and rock star crushes. And now that the 90s ARE BACK, it’s kind of fun to re-read it again.

The first 15 pages are incredibly crucial for screenplays — most film execs only really read the first sequence to get a sense if they will continue reading or not. (Actually, I hear now that most only read the first 5 pages — ah, attention span, you relic of the past!) It does a lot of work — it sets up the main character, introduces the world, piques interest. I’m pleased with the visuals of this part, and how quickly it moves — now, to get to that pesky sequence after the midpoint…


(Sorry no ePub format this time — I can’t figure out how to keep the screenplay format from looking like shite.)

2 thoughts on “Screenplay: My 90s Zine Girl Epic!

  1. Argh, Kat, I love it. I want to see zine girls in a movie – YOUR movie! I haven’t read many screenplays, but I loved reading the descriptions you included too.

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