Like Ghosts, Underwater

Sometimes you see images and they feel like your dreams. There is an instant psychic recognition, like subterranean harmonies coming to surface in your waking life. Something of your nighttime landscape echoes in the daylit world, and the convergence feels like discovering continents within yourself and out in the world. It feels honestly like magic.

That’s how I felt the moment I laid eyes on Erin Mulvehill’s photographs. Sadly, I don’t remember where I stumbled across them or how — too many travels on the Internet will blur the routes behind you. But I immediately fell in love with her “Underwater” series, and then with the rest of her vision. Her images are beautiful, spectral, dreamlike, with a lovely calm and melancholy — I wanted to share more with you than just a tweet and a link to her work. She says she is influenced by Buddhism and time — maybe that’s what resonates with me, raised Buddhist and being something of a time philosopher myself. Anyway: please see much more of her work at her gorgeous site. Her pictures will make you feel oceans inside you.

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