My Life in Pictures: January 2013

I have a Flickr account and an Instagram one as well, but sometimes it’s nice to pull together stuff in one central place. For one thing, it’s like making a small treasure trove for myself. I hope in future years, I’ll tool around in my own blog and enjoy seeing these bits and pieces of the past. And even now, it helps me remember the small details and textures I want to soak in: little adventures, more epic ones, lyrical details that don’t seem so until much later. My little experiments in homemaking and adventures in DIY fashion styling seem so ordinary now, but who knows — I may look upon them with an odd tenderness in years forward.

A Home is A Home is a Home

I don’t live in a Design Sponge-worthy kind of apartment, but that doesn’t mean I don’t take great pleasure in it. After years of dark New York apartments, it has loads of light — I wake up in the morning and the sun is streaming through the windows and it makes me happy.


It’s slowly filling with artwork. Nothing special, but it’s all personal, made by my friends or it makes me feel serene and peaceful and calm. A home takes awhile to come together, but when it does, all the effort is worth it.


Sometimes I pretend my shoes are decoration.


Green Grows Greener

Awhile ago I blogged about my experiments in learning more about plants and trees and embarked on trying to grow some houseplants myself. I’ve had a few mishaps since then (oops on overwatering succulents) but I do have one lovely success: look at my basil plant thrive, cheered on with its little friends!


I enjoy watching the tiny leaves grow in. I feel like such a proud plant mama!

In other domestic experiments, I finally started freezing my own berries. I was tired of paying $12 for a big bag of them, so now I buy fresh produce, spend time chopping it up, then flash freeze them on cookie sheets before tossing them into big freezer bags. Why did it take me this long to figure out I can do this?


Experiments in “Styling”

Lately I’ve been taking more pictures of outfits. Why not? I like clothes immensely and used to write about them much more often. Sometimes an outfit is like a song and it’s something I want to remember. Or more often, I just like to take pictures of clothes and that is that.


This month I got the idea in my head: “I should try to style my clothes.” This happens when I’m in the throes of a resolution not to buy any new clothes for the next few months. (I am making an exception for the gift card I mentioned when I wrote about gamines growing older, but that’s it.) I try to do something new with my current wardrobe. But that means I spend time trying on clothes, and I end up wearing them the way I want to, anyway.

The thought process is often so convoluted: start with a perfectly fine outfit. Think, “Oh, I should try rolling up my jeans like I see other girls do.” Then I’m like, “No, wearing a jacket doesn’t look right now.” So I change into a sweater and scarf. Then I realize, “You’re not a skinny 7-foot gazelle; you’re 5’2″ and rolled-up anything looks stupid if you break the line of your leg.” Unroll jeans. Think, “Hmmm, you know, this sweater looks better as a full-length tunic. And it’s really cold; I need another sweater.” Then think: “Oh, this scarf is just overkill. And everything looks better simple, really.” See how complicated it is to “style” your clothes? I should just remember: everything is better when it’s uncomplicated.



In other fashion-related news, I love my new tablet cover. Operational Sparklepony as expressed through material acquisitions!

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